Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thrift Living Tips: How to save money when eating out

After 5 days of doing the Living on Minimum Wage experiment, I notice one main thing when it comes to food bills.  I am paying for something unnecessary that I don't benefit immediately from = 6% tax.

The food I ate at my golf club (because that's where I go to work at their library and use the electricity and air-con for free), is quite cheap compare to many other private clubs in Malaysia.

But nevertheless, comparing to my other food expenses, I do notice of one apparent way to save.

Thrift Living Tips: 
Eat at shops / stalls that don't charge you any tax, when you are paying it yourself. 
Fried koay teow at my golf club price is RM4.90, but after tax 6%, it becomes RM5.19.
My favourite fried koay teow in USJ4, although the price has increased to RM5 per plate, is still cheaper coz there is no tax imposed.
Similarly buying the burger from road side..ayam special is Rm3.80..that's it, not 3.80 + 6%.

So next time you are eating out or buying takeaway, think about this.

Note: I am not advocating tax evasion here... so it's your choice where you wish to spend your money.  Just take note that when living with minimum wage, every cent counts.

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