Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 11: Living with Minimum Wage Experiment

11 March 2014: Day 11 of Living with Minimum Wage in Malaysia experiment

Was talking with my aunt. She now runs a small convenience store at a local GLC's plant in Kedah.  She was saying about her customers spending behavior. Most are on minimum wage. Even her staff is on minimum wage, and overtime is at RM4 per hour.

It suddenly dawns on me that here I am pretending and experimenting on living with minimum wage, but many other people are living on it month by month.  Most of us will go back to our normal earning and spending pattern, but not these people who will have to survive with that amount of income for years.

Of course though, there are many business opportunities. She was telling of how she is looking for halal supplies of sardine bun and sausage roll, and yet there are no employees in the plant that are keen to take up this part time business opportunity.  That certainly shows that money can be made anywhere.  It is just a matter of whether you want to seize the opportunity, put in some effort to get it.

Anyway, after sending her off, I drove to my golf club library to start back my working after the long weekend.
Had roti tisu and tried the mee curry. Disappointed with the mee curry that seems more like mee jawa. wasted my money only. Must remember not to order it next time.

Also just realized that the roti tisu is RM2.65 each, and its so small, also not really worth the money. Must remember to order more value for money items.

Note to self: Must also remember to take some photos of items purchased.  The blog is full of words...might be boring for readers who prefer looking at photos.

Expenditure today: RM7.84
Total expenditure to date: RM159.39
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM740.61

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