Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 12: Living with minimum wage in Malaysia experiment

12 March 2014: Day 12 of living with minimum wage experiment.

It's also Day 5 since the #MH370 goes missing.  The biggest mystery of the decade probably.
Nevertheless, I will still choose to fly Malaysia Airlines if it offers cheap deals, better than its competitors. Looking forward to find some bargains during this upcoming MATTA fair this weekend.

Today had breakfast at home, then packed lunch.

Was hungry by 3pm, so stop by A&W to buy 2pieces fried chicken set at RM12.35.

Was supposed to go for a KL entrepreneur meetup at the same place at 7pm, but kinda lazy as too much work to do. So will attend next session probably.

Expenditure today: RM12.35
Total expenditure to date: RM171.74
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM728.26

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