Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 8-10: Living with Minimum Wage Experiment

8-10 March 2014: Day 8-10 of Living with Minimum Wage in Malaysia Experiment

Did not go out anywhere on Saturday 8 March.  Was at home cleaning up my room and following the stories and updates of #MH370. So ate all meals at home.

Then on Sunday 9 March and Monday 10 March, had relatives came from Kedah.
So stayed home and occasionally become driver to go to the uni and apartment of my cousin.
Only expense was toll RM1.60.

The missing Malaysia Airlines plane was a real mood damper. Could not concentrate much on work. Room is still messy. How to clean when every hour is spent watching TV or reading live updates on FB.  #PrayforMH370 is the main focus on almost everyone's mind now.

Expenditure today: RM1.60
Total expenditure to date: RM143.19
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM756.81

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