Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 1: Living with Minimum Wage Experiment

1 March 2014:
Day 1 of Living with Minimum Wage in Malaysia experiment begins.

As my aunt and brother are here visiting from overseas, there are food available to eat at home, so did not have to cook or buy anything for breakfast and lunch.

My aunt asked to me help buy hand fans as souvenir for her friends, and gave me RM150. So drove to mydin to get it, saw there was special promo on kettle for RM19.90, but as I was rushing, did not pick it up.
Came home, she saw the fan not nice, so I said I will go return in next day.
She told me to keep the extra balance...Yay!! That's additional cash to cover the dinner cost later..

For dinner, it was a lavish and expensive affair at the Royale Chulan for JCI KL 60th Anniversary.
This is more of an obligation to attend to show support, rather than a want or need.
Costing RM148, this falls under the category I have stated earlier - JCI events expenses, therefore not calculated in the minimum wage expenses.

Hair & Makeup for dinner: I did not spend on any makeup or hair styling expenses, as I normally just do it myself. Otherwise that would have set me back between rm80-100 at least. Thank God this has been my style throughout my life. The only time I ever spent to set hair for one of the many dinner during university, due to peer pressure.

Dress: I did not have to buy a new dress for the event, as I wore the dress that my aunt bought for me from Saudi Arabia. Free dress..yay!
The only countable expense would be petrol and parking.
My car still had petrol leftover from last few days.
Parking: I have always been a sucker for free parking. So yes, law of attraction always works. I manage to find free parking near to the hotel. Yay! So its no-cost for parking.

Total spent to date: RM0
Balance to survive in a month on minimum wage: RM900

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