Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2: Living with Minimum Wage Experiment

2 March 2014:
Day 2 of the Living with Minimum Wage in Malaysia Experiment.

Woke up in the morning and just ate leftover food from day before.

Then drove to Seremban to attend JCI Seremban Installation & Award Ceremony. So glad that it was free.
So only had to spend for toll. Tried the new LEKAS highway, it was indeed fast and only cost RM4.90 + RM1 at the grand saga highway.
On the way back took the Seremban highway, that took longer due to heavy traffic and cost RM7.20.

After that went to Mydin to return the gift item my aunt asked me to buy on Saturday, which she decided she didn't want. Then say there was special promo for Sharp iron at rm29.90 [original price rm49.90], so got that as well.  Since my past customer had damaged my iron, bought it for my next holiday apartment business.  Also bought dried fettuccine to cook on Monday at RM3.29.

On the way home, stop to fill up petrol full tank at RM77.

Passed by my favourite char koayteow stall, so decided to tapau that for dinner. Sadly price has now gone up to RM5, even though I ask for no cockles, less bean discount :(
 Ask why, the staff say coz have prawn [which I don't event like, and only found 3 prawns when I ate it at home]

Expenses for the day are: RM98.39 {exclude RM29.90 iron as that is business expense)

Total spent to date: RM98.39
Balance to survive in a month on minimum wage: RM801.61

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