Friday, February 28, 2014

Thrift Lifestyle Tips: How to get free interns for your company

I have just finished interviewing French students who wants to come and do free internship in my company in May - June via Skype.  I have had overwhelming number of applicants, so have to turn down 1 or 2.

Free you say? Yes Free Labour!
And this will be the second year.
Last year I had free interns come and do work at my company and my youth organization from France and Australia.

They helped to do various tasks such as online marketing, development of database, development of policy manual and procedures manual, and many more.
Without their help, those documents would not be of existence til today in my voluntary organisation.

Here's the tips: Advertise your vacancies in global websites like Craigslist and others.  Even mudah exist on global level just using different names, but same design interface.

If you want free interns, you need to raise your company profile globally. Malaysian students will not work for free. They expect payment for their internship.
But internship for free is a normal culture overseas especially in countries like US.
(I found out bout this from watching 2 broke girls in 2012,when they were opening their store - so watching tv series is not that bad.)

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