Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 31: Final day of living on minimum wage experiment

31 March: Final day of the experiment.

Finally, the last day of living on minimum wage for a month in Malaysia.
Another busy day.
Had breakfast, then went to pickup cleaner to bring to the cyberjaya house. Have a short term guest renting for a week. Was there til 6pm.then sent her home. Cleaning cost = RM60 for about 6.5 hours. (consider as business cost)
Would have given more if she had cleaned more properly, coz I had to clean the kitchen and the cupboards in master room which she didn't wipe.
Toll cost to and fro Cyberjaya = RM7.20.

Then went home, ate dinner, went to KL to meet friend who came from Melbourne. By the time I reach only saw his text that maybe want to cancel. Since he stay at Novotel, Parked under the hotel and got the staff to validate for in house guest, so its free parking.

So was hungry, had sarawak laksa at Pavillion food court = RM9.50. After contacting his wife in Melbourne, managed to get his local number, and found out he was at hospital for blood test.
So just left home after that.

Expenditure today: RM16.70
Total expenditure to date: RM862.58
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM37.42

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