Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 29 of living on minimum wage in Malaysia

29 March 2014: Day 29 on surviving with RM900 per month

It's the Grand Prix weekend in Malaysia.
This is where you see millions being spent.
I had the opportunity to attend Melbourne Grand Prix during my student days, and was privilege to be in the Paddock area as an invited guest in year 2001.
Had a pit tour and met Kimi Raikonnen when he was a young rising star.

After that I vowed to myself, I will never ever go to Grand Prix unless I get to go into Paddock area for free again.

Anyway, Grand Prix season means sale season in Malaysia.
Living on minimum wage makes budget to spend.

Nonetheless, had to go meet my tenant at Cyberjaya who is moving out, so was there from noon til about 4pm. Had to spend on toll to and fro = RM7.20

Got home then started my search for cheap beds. Went to 3-4 furniture shops, but couldn't find the cheap price I want. So went online and saw Ikea has beds for RM89.
Got home, shower, then told mum I will eat at Ikea.

So happen it was Earth Hour Day celebration at Ikea. Not that I care, coz all I wanted was to eat at the cafe there and enjoy my book before shopping began. Had a nice meal of soup, chicken wing and meatballs with mash = RM18.
Then walked around Ikea. Unfortunately the beds I saw online is finished.
End up buying other stuff that were on sale for my holiday condo business & cyberjaya house rental. Stayed there til closing time. Spent about RM73.80 ( Will not count this as consider as business expense). Was worth it as I got over 15 items. Average about RM4.60 each. I have compared online..for the items I picked up, its cheaper to buy in Ikea Malaysia, compare to Ikea Australia.

Then went down to pay parking. Oh my god! The queue was long. The machine only accept coin. Ikea gave free parking for first 3 hours. I was there fore 4 hours. It cost me RM3.50.

Arrghh...must remember to go Ikea on weekday, and after 7pm, so I will stay within the 3 hours free parking time in future.

Refilled my petrol on the way home = RM63

Expenditure today: RM91.70
Total expenditure to date: RM727.42
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM172.58

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