Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 27: Minimum wage experiment in Malaysia

27 March: After the splurge on dinner the night before, it's time to be cheapskate again.

Had breakfast at home.
Got an invite by my ex-committee to a Tourism Malaysia event at PWTC. Dread the parking fee, but since I have another meeting in KL anyway, so the trip was worth it.

 If you are attending exhibition/conference/event in PWTC KL, the cheapest place to park is the bus station across the street. It used to be RM3 per entry.  However, it now charges by the hour.  I spent 2hours 53mins there, it cost RM5..Lucky I paid just before it crossed the 3rd hour mark.

But, good thing was free lunch at the event which I had already anticipated. Any event by the ministry, for sure there is free food. What more when the minister is there.

Thrift Lifestyle Tip: Want free food? Get invited to events by government. For sure you will get free meals, unless it is fasting month.

After that went off for another meeting at BERNAMA.  By the time the meeting ended, roads were blocked with traffic jam. Took the NPE to get home faster.

Expenditure today: RM7.60
Total expenditure to date: RM631.90
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM268.10

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