Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 21: Living on minimum wage in Malaysia experiment

21 March 2014: 3 weeks surviving on minimum wage.

Can't believe how fast time flies. It's 3 weeks since I first started the experiment.

Went to the library to catch up on work today.
Ate breakfast at home.
Then lunch was yong tau foo= RM3.82
Early dinner, had roti tisu and roti telur = RM4.98

Was hungry on the way home, so bought burger by roadside RM3.80.

Got home, then had to go hospital. My bro just got baby. By the time reach home was past midnight. Only then could eat my burger. Lucky bought it earlier.

Expenditure today: RM12.60
Total expenditure to date: RM469.60
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM430.40

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