Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 17: Living with minimum wage experiment

17 March 2014: Day 17 of Living with Minimum Wage Experiment in Malaysia

Woke up, thought it can be my relax day after a busy weekend. Whilst eating breakfast, suddenly realised that I was accepted for Photoshop training.
Rush to get dress, drove and arrive at the training center in PJ.

Training for co-op members only cost RM25 + rm20 computer lab fee, but you get back travel alllowance. Since my house is near, can only get Rm30...So training cost only rm15.
The training includes breakfast, tea break x2 and lunch.

Training conducted in Malay, and many participants behaviour remind me of typical employees. Come training because boss ask to attend, then rushing for break time and go home early.  Very different than private training that you pay thousands of your own money. 
I guess this is what happens when training is slow and draggy [this photoshop training is 3 days when I believe if people can learn fast, it can be completed in 1.5days].

Expenditure today: RM16
Total expenditure to date: RM418.40
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM481.60

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