Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 14: Living with minimum wage in Malaysia experiment

14 March 2014: Day 14 of living with minimum wage in Malaysia experiment.

It's been a week since the MH370 goes missing.
And a very hazy day indeed.

Started my day with meeting at MBPJ, at 8.30am.
The first time I had to wake up so early in weeks.

Then went to my audit committee meeting. Didn't have time to eat breakfast at home, so bought nasi lemak with sotong and tempe. It cost RM5..oh my god! complain expensive to the cashier, she was lamenting that she charged me only rm2 for rice, rm2 for 1 piece of sotong, rm1 for the tempe..
remind me to only eat sambal sotong if my mum cook at home or I get free nasi lemak from events.

After that went to library at golf club to prepare for the weekend training materials.
Had early dinner of salted fish fried rice.

Expenditure today: RM5.83
Total expenditure to date: RM198.01
Balance to survive on minimum wage: RM701.99

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